About Me

Did you see the figure above the street port you just went through? The difference in the colors of the flower? The bark curls of the birch tree we just passed?

I’ve tried to capture those things, just for my own sake.
On this site you will find a piece of me.
A piece of those things that I want to remember in my life.
Photos that I can look back on and just remember what a beautiful world we are living in.

When I take a photo I want to capture it like it is. I do not think about how good that photo would be if I edit it in the computer later on.
I want to capture it like I want it at once.
When I open it up on the computer I just add my name and re-size it for the blog.
Those photos that I’ve worked with in any program is tagged Photoshop.

All photos is taken by me and you are no allowed to use them without my approval. Do you want a photo please contact me.

Please feel free to add a comment. :}

You also finds me @ Instagram under the name Tessilagosen


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